Wright Clinical Counselling

Products or Services Offered :

At WCC, I work with individuals, couples, poly triads/groups, families, youth and groups on a wide range of concerns. Counselling is a very individual treatment and should fit each situation in the way that works best for the client/s.
Areas of Expertise
Relationships including poly, open, and kink/BDSM/power exchange based
Sexuality and Sex Education (between adults, or for children/parents)
Self image and Confidence

Practioner(s) name : Julie Wright
Bio :
If you’re struggling in relationships or with anything related to your sexuality, you are in the right place. These topics can be difficult to experience, and scary to discuss, so having a counsellor or therapist who can discuss these topics openly is important. Whether you are attending counselling as an individual or together with another person/people, taking this first step is important. Perhaps the passionate energy is gone, or maybe you don’t even recognize the person you sleep next to anymore. Seeking support, this moment right here, is the most important thing you can be doing. You don’t have to do this alone.
I want to work with you from where you are right now. Whatever path has led you to this moment, that is where we start.I am kink-fluent and have helped many clients open their relationships in a safe, ethical way. I also provide Hormone Readiness Assessments for Transgender clients seeking HRT.
Whatever path has led you to this moment, that is where we start. We will discuss your goals and we work together to create a plan. With the ability to book online 24/7 and online appointment options, I offer flexibility for your schedule. Check out my website at www.wrightcounselling.com and book your first appointment today!
Address: 575 Main Street, Unit 204, , V2A5C6

Phone : 2503174346
Email : [email protected]
Website : https://www.wrightcounselling.com

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