Temenos Athletics

Products or Services Offered :

Group Crossfit Training, Foundations Training, Personal Training, Weight Lifting and Strength Training & Temenos Kids

Bio :

At Temenos, your Coaches and training partners will become your tribe. We train with a small group of other athletes and one of our experienced, professional coaches. By working with a small group of 10 athletes or less we give the personal attention that can’t be found at a large gym.

Our mission is to take you, as you are, and help you reach a place above and beyond what you thought you were capable of. To assist you in becoming a stronger human being, in every sense of the word. To show you that what you thought of as extraordinary, is in fact within your reach.

Address: 1155 St Paul St, ,

Phone : 250 317 6725
Website : http://temenosathletics.com/

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