Navigating Menopause

Products or Services Offered :

As a registered clinical counsellor and a menopause specialist, I am proud to offer the following services:
Individual and / or couples counselling
Menopause consultations integrating individualized wellness programs
Group education sessions (on specific topics)
Coming soon...
Men's discussion group
Friday night date night
On-line education groups

Practioner(s) name : Robin Gabert
Bio :

Hi, my name is Robin Gabert and I am owner/creator of Navigating Menopause, which serves women (and their partners) as they navigate through the menopause transition and beyond.  I am registered clinical counsellor as well as a member of the North American Menopause Society and my goal is to educate women on the changes and symptoms commonly experienced at this developmental stage.  I want women to understand, and ask questions about all of their challenges, whether they are physical, emotional or relational.  My hope is for women to embrace their changing bodies and learn strategies to have thriving physical, sexual and emotional health for the rest of their lives.

Address: 203 - 1455 Ellis Street, , V1Y 2A3

Phone : 250-859-1819
Email : [email protected]
Website :

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