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We market the Tennant Biomodulator hand held microcurrent device to private individuals as well as healthcare providers. We help empower people with this technology to help control chronic pain and improve health!

Practioner(s) name : Bob Moore
Bio :

Break the cycle of Chronic pain!

With over 30 years’ experience in ”energetic medicine” and expertise in chronic pain/health management, and anti-aging, Bob Moore, founder of Biohealth has worked with and trained clients in the use of microcurrent therapy instruments in all healthcare disciplines across Canada, United States, England, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America. Visit to learn more.

Biohealth also represents the Tennant Biomodulator personal pain/health management device for Canada and is currently settled in the Okanagan. We work closely with Dr. Jerry Tennant MD. and empower people from all walks of life to control pain by teaching them to become good electricians of the body’s wiring system.

Dr Tennant developed and uses the Tennant Biomodulator and BioTransducer technology in his integrative practice in Texas and since 2005 has made it user friendly for home use. He has written several books the latest being Healing is Voltage and Healing is Voltage-Cancer’s On/Off Switches-Polarity.

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