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I was able to ask Sarah Jaklic with Temenos Athletics a few questions about herself and her business that she runs with her husband.  Sarah is a woman that I look up to.  She has a passion for holistic health and is sooooo knowledgeable in health and in fitness.  Sarah is very grounded, caring and so easy to get along with, this can only transfer over to the atmosphere in Temenos.  I would recommend Temenos to anyone looking for a new place to call home.

1. Tell me about your business

We are a strength and conditioning gym that provides CrossFit class, Personal Training, Kids fitness and Masters coaching. Our garage type CrossFit gym is very unique in the way we do things. We bring a sense of passion, attention to detail and expertise into our small group classes. We implement many different types of strength and conditioning training like kettlebells, barbells, dumbells, bodyweight movement, gymnastics strongman lifts and olympic lifting. We work from a wide variety of ages and fitness abilities, all are welcome.

2. How did you start? What is your passion? What do you enjoy most about your work?

I have always had a passion for movement and exercise. Growing up I was very involved in pushing myself to try new things and experimenting in movement. I graduated University with a Degree in Human Kinetics from Laurentian University and started doing Personal Training. Over 10 years I have expanded my knowledge, tried new types of training methods and have trained many amazing people to their goals. I love meeting new people and seeing their mind body connection grow, it actually gets me very excited once the “light bulb” goes off in someone’s head on how to move properly!

3. What is your purpose, cause and believe?

To become better. It truly does not matter to me where someone is starting from. I love when people are committed and willing to learn more about their bodies. As they explore how movement feels to them, I find mental, emotional and other characteristic of themselves expand. It is a beautiful thing to see them become a better human over all. Movement is just a part of their journey and if I can empower them through exercise, feeling stronger, being more confident in themselves- that’s my purpose.

4. What problems are you trying to solve for your customers?

Time and priorities. A lot of people say they don’t have time for exercise. I help them understand that movement doesn’t have to be in a “gym”, you can exercise in many different ways or forms.

5. What are your customers’ objections during a sale?

Price is always a concern. We require a base line of 6 personal training sessions if the member has not done CrossFit before. These sessions will prepare members for movements in the class setting. Ensure they are doing things properly, learn how to scale properly and get to know the flow of the gym.

6. What makes you stand out from your competition?

Our individual attention and focus on our members. With having a smaller gym and class size we ensure all members have feedback from our coach. We make sure that when members arrive for a class, they are prepared and focused. We are not a bootcamp, we require each member to focus on their movement to ensure full potential, awareness, strength and dedication to their goals.

7. Who would be your ideal customer?

Anyone that is wanting to become stronger, more aware of their body and improve their day to day movement. We are not a gym where you come and go, we always warn people that join, your joining a family.

8. What has been the key to success as an entrepreneur?

Standing up for myself and my business. We do great things here at Temenos and to be proud and know the value of what we do. Not to change it due to what the trend is, continue being true to ourselves.

9. What is your fav local business right now?

That is for sure Chaibaba. Our gym is right around the corner from these guys and we go there everyday. Its a great spot to get our minds out of business, breathe and think clearly. Crystal and the crew there are always so knowledgeable and patient. It reminds me to do the same with my members, even in times of high stress.

10. What is on your reading list right now?

Honestly, Brining up Bebe. It is a book about the cultural differences in raising a child in two different countries. My husband and I are welcoming TWINS in the spring, so most of my reading is about babies.

11. Where do you find inspiration?

Our members to be honest

12. What did you think you were going to be when you grow up?

I knew I always wanted to be an educator on movement. Whether that was a school gym teacher, coach, personal trainer or program director. What I had no idea about was owning my own business- very different then I thought.

13. If you had a super power what would it be?

For sure to teletransport. I love to travel and being able to hang out in Peru for a weekend would be pretty cool!

You can also find Temenos at http://temenosathletics.com/ or on Facebook and Instagram!

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