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Engage with the Power Within. Christine Patton is an INSPIRATINAL SPEAKER, PERFORMANCE COACH, AUTHOR, and HEARTMATH TRAINER. I have been lucky enough to sit down with Christine and even attend one of her talks. She has a welcoming, kind energy, and is a true inspiration. Take a read below and call her up for a coffee! Thanks for reading – Sheriesse Baker


Welcome to my Life Flow Blog post in which I have the privilege to describe my business to you! Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what is available for YOU!

My clients choose me because they know I have the ability to move them. How? I have a unique gift for knowing what each client or audience needs to know.

People are suffering in a myriad of ways these days. Life seems to go faster and demands more of us than we can possibly keep up with. We are depleted, angry, sick and frustrated more than we want to be. And our kids are showing signs of this stress too!

My work targets exactly what needs to be done- to leverage the abilities you have to create more of what you want; to understand the wisdom behind it all; to inspire action that will change your life; to bring you along on an exciting adventure wherein you will see your life through a different lens, and to calm your system down for improved physical, mental and emotional health.

My magic is the engagement and excitement you will feel towards changing your life with ease and grace.

You will get the chance to prove this to yourself. I provide a buffet of ideas and tools for you to choose to become the person you truly wish to be- who meets all challenges with composure, who naturally has more clarity around decision making, who is immune to much of the frustrating things that get under the skin, who serenely glides through each day with joy and peace, and who is sick and anxious much less often.

If you have tasted success, have discipline and a solid work ethic around what is needed, an open- minded curiosity about life’s truths, and want to operate more effectively on a daily basis-you will flourish within my program. It has your name on it!

 I would love to hear from you if your interest has been piqued. Let’s have a chat over coffee and get to know one another.

There is no price you can place on peace of mind, balance and powerful living!  This is what you’ll get here. Are you ready? Let’s get to your new adventure! I’m already excited…

Christine Patton


[email protected]


To learn more about people in our community check out Life Flow’s other blog posts. https://lifeflowdirectory.ca/blog/

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