Engage with POWER WITHIN – Guest Blog

Engage with the Power Within. Christine Patton is an INSPIRATINAL SPEAKER, PERFORMANCE COACH, AUTHOR, and HEARTMATH TRAINER. I have been lucky enough to sit down with Christine and even attend one of her talks. She has a welcoming, kind energy, and is a true inspiration. Take a read below and call her up for a […]

Temenos Athletics

I was able to ask Sarah Jaklic with Temenos Athletics a few questions about herself and her business that she runs with her husband.  Sarah is a woman that I look up to.  She has a passion for holistic health and is sooooo knowledgeable in health and in fitness.  Sarah is very grounded, caring and […]

11 Foods to Support and Cleanse the Liver

Foods to support and cleanse the liver can be easily added to your weekly meal plan. During the holiday season your body needs a little extra support because of the parties, late nights, and larger than usual to-do list. The liver has over 500 functions in the body!!! Our bodies are assaulted daily with toxins […]

Life Flow Interview with BrandStigator

BrandStigator took some time to interview Life Flow! Thank you Sarah with Brandstigator for the interview and helping me explain my WHY! Sarah is your private brand investigator who can help you out with all your Social Media needs! https://www.brandinvestigator.com/ I’m very passionate about helping people and businesses and I hope that’s what comes across […]

How to Choose Nutrient Dense Food

One simple acronym will help you choose nutrient dense food at the grocery store. The first thing they taught us at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition was NAG – Natural, Alive, Good Quality.  It is a guideline when grocery shopping.  Living in Canada, and in today’s society, it’s often difficult to find great options […]

Nutrition – Speedy Recovery from a Bone Fracture

The healing of fractures, tears or sprains is one of the slowest healing processes in the body.  The intestinal lining is the fastest and will repair itself in only 3 days.  Bones, tendons and ligaments are another story and that is why when you have this type of injure you need to ensure you are […]

Guest Blog by Raina Lutz 7 Foods You Need in the Fall

September 9, 2019 September brings with it that familiar feeling of ‘back to routine.’ The perfect time to start making some nutrition changes. It took me a long time (even during nutrition school) to simply start eating more veggies. Most of us know how to eat, we know that vegetables and fruits and whole grains are good, […]

Interview with Kelowna North Real Estate

Thanks to Dustin Herbison and Tyler Purvis with Kelowna North Real Estate for the interview. They are local experts in real estate acquisition, development, and investment and have a passion for the Okanagan lifestyle. Click on the link to view the interview. http://parkbench.com/blog/sheriesse-baker-life-flow-wellness-directory Contact Kelowna North Real Estate at http://www.kelownanorth.ca/ with any of your Real […]

Importance of the Holistic Approach to Wellness

The definition of Holistic…  The word holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning “entire’ or “all”.  Holistic treatment simply means treating the entire person.   In Western Medicine we often like to keep each area of Mind Body, and Spirit separate.  There is a shift happening but it is slow mainly because our health system isn’t structured to facilitate […]